Failing to Pull in One Direction

Funding a professional football club on the pocket money of teenage girls alone, it transpires, is not all that viable.

Best of the Fanzine 2013-14: Miller Time – Barry Miller Interview

“The fans just erupted, singing my name, and although it’s not an amazing moment for anyone else, it was just special, to know that I was appreciated, because, you know, everyone likes to be told they’re good at things.”

Best of the Fanzine 2013-14: Voice of the Pop Side – The Forgotten International

Just imagine how excited we would be nowadays if Rovers signed a player from Manchester United who had represented England at full international level a mere five years earlier?

Best of the Fanzine 2013-14: A Thing About Rugby

I am thirty-three and I am watching a seventy-one year old man sliding down a plastic chair with excitement. He is sharing his flask of hot chocolate with me and I’m reciprocating with chips. We are shouting at men. We are laughing.

Best of the Fanzine 2013-14: Armchair Supporters R Us

I was thinking of something that’ll let me join in with the chat at work about English football. I’d like to be one of the boys whilst looking down my nose at everyone at the same time.

popular STAND World Cup Sweep – Round 2

Football, whilst it may be very exciting and at time emotional, is ultimately just a game. It is not an excuse.

In the Hot Seat | Doncaster Rovers Managers No. 7 Jack Crayston & Jackie Bestall

In May 1958 Doncaster Rovers, who had just been relegated to the new Division Three, announced they would be looking for a new manager.

Sweeping Up: popular STAND’s World Cup Charity Sweepstake

But let’s postpone the crushing despair of reality for a bit longer and get back to the excitement of it all, which we decided to try and ride atop of whilst also doing something good for a local cause.

Snapshot: How I Watched Football 2013-14

Convention tells us that the seasons in which your football team gets relegated are the worst seasons you can ever experience. ‘Despair’ is a word that’s thrown around a lot. ‘Hapless’ is another.

In the Hot Seat | Doncaster Rovers Managers No.6 Syd Bycroft and Jack Hodgson

Back in 1998-99, during Rovers’ first season in non-league the matchday programme was put together by a group of very committed supporters, and an excellent job they did of it too. Among them was… Continue reading