New Price for popular STAND fanzine

You can be assured that your money, will ultimately go on to support your community.

Every ‘Fixture Release Day’ article you’ve ever read.

Create your own ‘fixtures release day’ news story with this handy pre-written template.

Snapshot: How I watched football 2014-15

When you get in the habit of watching live football, any live football, to the point of consuming live football, every season runs the risk of stumbling to a conclusion.

On Contemplating Life Without Football

Though I’ve grown up, though I’ve managed to get through school and university, through several jobs – some good, some awful – and hold down an actual relationship, football has, whether I like it or not, consumed my life.

popular STAND fanzine issue 76

We won’t be selling issue 76 of popular STAND at Rovers’ last game of the season against Scunthorpe on Sunday. But you can still get hold of one. Here’s why, and how.

Go Away! Milton Keynes

Like coloured television and sex, Milton Keynes didn’t even exist until the 1960s… Apparently it’s good for shopping, because spending money helps make the tears go away.

Doncaster Rovers 0-0 Fleetwood Town: 250 word match report

The problem with paint drying is that it’s hard to know what you are going to get.

Haifa a High; Wales in Israel

There was a time when you always remembered the game. Every kick, every chance, every failure, in painfully minute detail. Now they stay with you only as montages. Bits and pieces of two hours that felt like four, blurred and overlapping.

Doncaster Rovers 1-1 Rochdale: 250 word match report

Probably a fair outcome; one that ensures both teams continue slouching towards the mid-table obscurity they’re doubtless destined to end the season with.

On Football as the next Great American Drama Series

Football is becoming subservient to the Premier League; the latest television deal only reiterates that point.