podular STAND – a podcast for the likes of Doncaster; episode two

Last month, as I would hope you’re aware, we briefly turned our attention away from writing words about Rovers, to speaking words about Rovers, as we launched our new podcast; podular STAND.

Mercifully, the general consensus was that you liked it. So we’ve decided, like the fanzine itself, to make it a regular thing. Earlier this week popular STAND editor Glen Wilson and regular contributors Jack Peat and James McMahon converged in another London meeting room to record episode two.

And hear is the fruits of that recording; a 36 minute wander through Rovers’ defensive ills, what to do about the lack of Andy Williams, the tedium of drawing Oldham in the FA Cup, and the greatest ever headed Rovers goal. We hope you enjoy it, and as ever, we’d love to hear your feedback.