Plymouth Argyle 2-0 Doncaster Rovers; 250 word match report

Cold, wet, miserable day out in the arse end of the country; by ‘eck this had better be a good game I thought to myself on the way to the ground, my mood momentarily lifted by an outstanding pasty out the back of a van.After a strong start to the season Plymouth have had a wobble recently which, according to a bloke on the train, was down to them experimenting with a 5-3-1 formation. Indeed.

Rovers controlled most of the possession in the first half but struggled to cut through a packed midfield designed to crowd us out then catch us on the break, which they duly did when a skewed pass from Andy Butler allowed Graham Carey to latch on and neatly slot away for the opener.

The second half was to bring more of the same with Rovers playing some nice football at times but frustrated by a lack of opportunities. Our defensive frailties were there for all to see and when Butler conceded what looked like a soft penalty our fate had been cemented.

The main taking point of the game came in the closing stages when Plymouth conceded a penalty and 19-year-old Liam Mandeville stepped up to take. Cue missed penalty, cue a disgraceful act of unsporting behaviour from the Plymouth keeper which resulted in James Coppinger receiving his marching orders for a simple act of instinctive captaincy.

Rovers tactically and technically beaten. A rubbish day out marginally saved by a brilliant meat and tattie.

by Jack Peat