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popular STAND fanzine donates £1,000 to Doncaster charities

What makes doing popular STAND worth it, is when this little 40-page £1 fanzine makes a difference.

Euro 2016 Charity Sweepstake is Drawn

The draw for our Euro 2016 charity sweepstake has been made. Find out who you’ve drawn.

Enter our Euro 2016 charity sweepstake

Help raise money for vital women’s services in Doncaster in the popular STAND Euro 2016 sweepstake.

popular STAND fanzine donates £1,000 to Doncaster charities

What profits we make we give away to causes which are not only close to our heart, but also close to our people, our roots and our community.

popular STAND World Cup Sweep – Round 2

Football, whilst it may be very exciting and at time emotional, is ultimately just a game. It is not an excuse.

Sweeping Up: popular STAND’s World Cup Charity Sweepstake

But let’s postpone the crushing despair of reality for a bit longer and get back to the excitement of it all, which we decided to try and ride atop of whilst also doing something good for a local cause.

Charity Walk to Barnsley vs Doncaster Rovers

It won’t have escaped your attention that Saturday brings the big South Yorkshire coal-field derby, between Doncaster and Barnsley. In fact, you’ve probably already nailed down your travel plans, so whilst you get… Continue reading