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Zen, Zenith, Zenica; Losing and Winning with Wales in Bosnia

As you edge through the gloom, towards the away terrace, the reality of the enormity of the game hits you. This really could be it.

Haifa a High; Wales in Israel

There was a time when you always remembered the game. Every kick, every chance, every failure, in painfully minute detail. Now they stay with you only as montages. Bits and pieces of two hours that felt like four, blurred and overlapping.

Playing Away #2 Whitby Town vs Blyth Spartans

Continuing our series of sneaking off whilst Rovers’ back is turned for a bit on the side popular STAND Editor Glen Wilson hops up the North Yorkshire coast to the Turnbull Ground for… Continue reading

Playing Away #1 Bridlington Town vs Whitley Bay

We’re men of the world here at popular STAND, and so we realise that on occasion, there comes a time when you feel the need to seek alternate pleasure. Football sadly is not… Continue reading