Just a Pub Team

Jack Peat joins the fanzine team to look at social stratification and Doncastrian football fans. Karl Marx has no place in football. He tried once, replacing Ludwig Wittgenstein in Monty Python’s Philosophers’ Football Match, but did nothing to advance the game. As he retired to the dressing room he decided to write about football stratification […]

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Seasons in Retrospect; 1973-74

In popular STAND this season we serialised Ray Jest‘s detailed account of the 1973-74 season. Unfortunately, due to print deadlines and copy space we omitted to bring you the concluding part, and so to address that issue we now present the feature in full. Sit back, light up a Woodbine and crack open a Party […]

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From the Archives: What If?

Earlier this week Bradford City caused one of the most impressive Cup upsets of recent seasons as they defeated Arsenal in the League Cup Quarter-Finals. Whilst most football supporter’s enjoyed seeing the Bantams triumph, for Doncaster fans there was a tinge of jealousy as memories drifted to seven years ago when Rovers had been just […]

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