Miller Time – Barry Miller Interview

“The fans just erupted, singing my name, and although it’s not an amazing moment for anyone else, it was just special, to know that I was appreciated, because, you know, everyone likes to be told they’re good at things.”

A Thing About Rugby

I am thirty-three and I am watching a seventy-one year old man sliding down a plastic chair with excitement. He is sharing his flask of hot chocolate with me and I’m reciprocating with chips. We are shouting at men. We are laughing.

Armchair Supporters R Us

I was thinking of something that’ll let me join in with the chat at work about English football. I’d like to be one of the boys whilst looking down my nose at everyone at the same time.

Just a Pub Team

Jack Peat joins the fanzine team to look at social stratification and Doncastrian football fans. Karl Marx has no place in football. He tried once, replacing Ludwig Wittgenstein in Monty Python’s Philosophers’ Football Match, but did nothing to advance the game. As he retired to the dressing room he decided to write about football stratification…

The Secret Double Life of Paul Dickov

With issue 68 of popular STAND looming large on the horizon here’s a treat from issue 67, which went to print at the end of November. Jack The Miner thought he’d seen Paul Dickov somewhere before, and then, it clicked and the Rovers manager’s true identity was revealed.

Seasons in Retrospect; 1973-74

In popular STAND this season we serialised Ray Jest‘s detailed account of the 1973-74 season. Unfortunately, due to print deadlines and copy space we omitted to bring you the concluding part, and so to address that issue we now present the feature in full. Sit back, light up a Woodbine and crack open a Party…

From the Archives: Great Things Gary Johnson Has Done

Earlier this week we were admonished on twitter by fanzine reader and Yeovil fan Seb White who was none too impressed with a reference in Issue 60 to the “hot air boasts” of Glovers manager Gary Johnson. There is, we replied, much more where that comes from; most notably a whole double page feature penned…

From the Archives: What Next? A Fluffy Muff and a Matching Hat?

The leaves are turning, the nights are drawing in. As winter approaches, some of the current Rovers squad could be tempted to add a few extra layers, but as this piece from the fanzine archives, initially published in Issue 30 (April 2005) by Jack the Miner attests, that’s not how things are done in DN4….

“Yes, I have got coloured blood – it’s red”

In the latest issue of the print fanzine we were delighted to include a fascinating article by Jack the Miner on the late great Charlie Williams. So great was it that we felt it deserved a much wider audience than our issue 59 circulation, and so we’re delighted to reproduce it here on the website…

From the Archives: The Shamus Anus Files

(from Issue 15; August 2001) He’s Back and now he’s more 100% Kathy Staff free than ever or your money back! I once used to be Charlton Heston. I wasn’t Charlton Heston for long though because it doesn’t taste as good as Nescafe and I couldn’t magic the beans at all. I have become in…