popular STAND fanzine issue 91 on sale at Doncaster Rovers vs MK

Typical, you wait ages for a fanzine, and then two issues come along in quick succession. It may only be a month since issue 90 of popular STAND, but we’re back again with another edition to soften the blow of having to face the sham of a club that is MK ‘Dons’.

Reasons to be cheerful

Of course, everyone has a right to voice their opinions, and in spite of the exceedingly regular threats that he ‘won’t be bothering coming back here again’ he’s continued to take his seat.

popular STAND fanzine 86 on sale at Doncaster Rovers vs Crewe

Top of the league, playing at home, what could make Saturday even better? How about a new fanzine to read at half-time? Well, assuming you grunted some kind of agreement just then, you’re in luck. The now actual bloody award-winning fanzine is back, with issue 86 of popular STAND on sale at Doncaster Rovers’ home match…