Go Away! #2 Yeovil Town

Tell me more about Yeovil Yeovil, short for ‘All Up In Yeovil’, is a town in Somerset, made infamous by its prevalent gang culture. For decades the town has been the setting of a prominent gang war between the Pen Mill Crew in the Eastside and the Westsiders from the Preston Plucknett Ghetto, making it […]

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Can You Remember The First Time?

Those of you familiar with the print edition of popular STAND, or indeed with long enough memories to recall Viva Rovers’ first online incarnation, will be familiar with our statistician. The man who goes by the name of Dutch Uncle, the self-proclaimed only Plaid Cymru voting Rovers fan in the Netherlands. From his underground bunker […]

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New Season, New Stock

We’ve decided to celebrate a new season with a new range of stock in the popular STAND shop. Added to the classic long-standing Viva Rovers designs and the Keep Calm pastiche purchased by Ian Duerden himself, comes The Bernard Range. Inspired by the star of our masthead ‘Bernard Glover from Wheatley’ we now boast a […]

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Go Away! #1 Walsall

New season, new division, new opponents, new feature. League One. Just the name alone is enough to send a chill down your spine. A new place, a darker place. Home to the unfamiliar (Crawley), and the long forgotten (Stevenage), it is a savage foreboding environment into which we must stride purposefully and show no fear, […]

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