Plymouth Argyle 2-0 Doncaster Rovers; 250 word match report

Cold, wet, miserable day out in the arse end of the country; by ‘eck this had better be a good game.

Stevenage 3-4 Doncaster Rovers; 250 word match report

Remind me never again to use the word ‘comfortable’ in a half-time update regarding Rovers.

podular STAND; a podcast for the likes of Doncaster Rovers – episode 3

Stuff your advent calendar, here’s something else to open and enjoy on an early December day – episode three of the podular STAND podcast.

Doncaster Rovers 3-1 Leyton Orient: 250 word match report

When Liam Mandeville became the third player to strike the bar you might’ve wondered if this was to be our day.

popular STAND fanzine 85 on sale at Doncaster Rovers v Leyton Orient

Behold, the two-time almost award-winning fanzine popular STAND is back again. Issue 85 of the fanzine has returned from the printers and is ready to go on sale at Doncaster Rovers’ home match with Leyton Orient… Continue reading

Doncaster Rovers 2-1 Hartlepool United; 250 word match report

This game may not have been of the highest quality but it contained more drama than a whole series of Game of Thrones.

Exeter City 1-3 Doncaster Rovers; 250 word match report

Often we only make these trips to get tinned up in a new city, the actual football is the worst part.

Dab Cams and Dud Cups; on the FA’s Failing of Lower League Clubs

If the FA Cup can’t be guaranteed protection, then lesser competitions become rife for experimentation under a flimsy ruse of being somehow for a greater good

Oldham Athletic 2-1 Doncaster Rovers; 250 word match report

While it was a welcome relief to see names like Craig Alcock and Marko Marosi back on the teamsheet, the players’ unfamiliarity with each other was all too apparent.

podular STAND – a podcast for the likes of Doncaster; episode two

Earlier this week popular STAND editor Glen Wilson and regular contributors Jack Peat and James McMahon converged to record episode two of podular STAND.