popular STAND fanzine covers

Can’t make it to home games, but don’t want to miss out on popular STAND? No problem, simply take out a subscription for the 2016-17 season. Subscription options and costs are listed below.

UK Subscription: £10 minimum (six issues inc. postage)

Overseas Subscription (Europe): £16.50 minimum (six issues inc. postage)

Overseas Subscription (Rest of World): £21.50 minimum (six issues inc. postage)

Online Subscription: £6 minimum (six issues; PDF version emailed)

Why ‘minimum’? We’re determined to make popular STAND affordable for everyone, that’s why it has remained £1, ever since the first issue in 1998. However, the more money we bring in each issue, the more we can give away to good causes. That’s why since 2016 the fanzine has been ‘minimum £1’. So if you wish to pay more you can, but your pound is still as valued as ever.

How do I subscribe to popular STAND?

It’s easier than ever. Simply complete the form below, and we’ll get back in contact with you via email with payment details.